Paddle Board - Bounce 11'4" Super Cruiser Board

Paddle Board - Bounce 11'4" Super Cruiser Board

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Our flagship model, this stand up paddleboard is perfect for those who want to cruise easily on flat water, rivers, lakes or ocean waves. The aerodynamic shape paired with a displacement hull allows the board to effortlessly cut through water. The scooped-out deck brings stability by putting the rider lower in the water. Hard rails and a 32″ width ensure that even novice riders stay dry.

Length: 11’4″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4.75
Volume: 220L
Weight: 33lb

Rider: Up to 250lbs

TCT Construction — Thermal Composite Technology

  • Increases impact resistance by replacing the epoxy resin typically infused into the woven fiberglass with our thermoplastic resin. This sounds simple, but it takes a very controlled high-temperature process to successfully achieve.
  • Stiff and strong, so the ride feels just like an epoxy board.
  • Foam is injected into the hollow single-piece fiberglass skin and mechanically locks to the interior surface. (We can’t really tell you much more about this step.)

The result: The best combination of performance and durability.